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I’m Cynthia Harper, along with my two wonderful kids, Gian and Nellie, we’re living our best life here at the Evergreen State of Washington! And together, we are Health Fit Advice! I’ve dedicated myself to giving my kids the best life, and through that dedication, I learned about everything health under the sun!

I’ve always been interested in finding unconventional ways to be healthy, and I’ve always wanted to be that person who was always thinking outside the box. Mediocrity has always seemed boring, and I don’t like being boring! 

I grew up being this unhealthy teenager enjoying all the junk food that the world had to offer. I couldn’t resist it! But as I grew up, I felt more and more unhealthy with that lifestyle, and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I tried tons of methods to get my motivation to get in shape back on track. And as I kept on trying, I eventually enjoyed living a healthy life. I like how it made me feel. I like how I didn’t have to worry about illnesses and diseases when I get older. 

Imagine if the world was a place where everyone had a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy mind and a healthy body. What a wonderful place that would be! I would want my kids to grow up being as healthy as they could be. And that’s how this website came to be!

Health Fit Advice started out as an urge to teach my kids about health and fitness, so they don’t grow up to be unhealthy and unproductive, and as I learned more and more about life and health, I realized how important these things are, and how they’re being taken for granted. So I thought I’d share these things with you. I’d want you to also be able to benefit from what I’ve been teaching my kids. And eventually, this blog grew to be more than just a health diary for Gian & Nellie and has become a haven for people who share the same ideals for health and fitness. 

So join me on this journey as we tread through life as agents of change with Health as our shield and Fitness as our sword! Join Health Fit Advice on this journey to becoming our best selves!