Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Usha Rajagopal

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Plastic and cosmetic surgery is a rapidly growing field of medicine. As with any medical specialization, it takes years of education and training to become an expert in this area. For this reason, board certification is the best way to verify that your surgeon is qualified for your procedure.

Having a board-certified plastic surgeon guarantees you safe and smooth surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons are required to complete an accredited residency program in addition to passing numerous examinations before they are board-certified. It ensures that you receive the highest standard of care.

One of the famous and prestigious names in plastic and cosmetic surgery is Dr. Usha Rajagopal. Dr. Usha Rajagopal is a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco Union Square. She finished her studies at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and earned her plastic surgery profession at the University of California at San Francisco. She is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the California Society of Plastic Surgeons. Her specialization includes face, breast, body, and skin surgeries. Dr. Usha Rajagopal is an artist with a gentle, caring touch. Her experience includes performing countless procedures for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, arm lifts, leg lifts. She has extensive training in advanced techniques for breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and facelift. She is very friendly with her patients but at the same time maintains a high standard of professionalism as she does her job on them.

Dr. Usha Rajagopal has performed hundreds of successful operations and surgeries. Over the years of experience and expertise in the field, she made all her patients happy and granted them long-term satisfaction. Her clinic became a venue for those who want to improve their physical appearance and mental health. She also mentors other physicians and nurses with Allergan’s advanced injectable and surgical techniques.

Dr. Usha Rajagopal is one of the best plastic surgeons in San Francisco. She became an Allergan trainer for various physicians and nurses in different specialties with her compassion and expertise. Dr. Rajagopal also has outstanding practices for Botox and advanced injectable and surgical techniques for the entire face. She has highly trained staff sensitive to their client’s comfort and privacy.

We aim to provide you with natural and lasting results that you will never regret. We are affordable, and you can always expect quality and safe treatment in our hands. Our staff is all women with knowledge and skills when it comes to multilingual languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Korean, French, and Tagalog.

Dr. Rajagopal’s study has been published in The Journal of Plastic Surgery that she also presented at Plastic Surgery Conferences.

If you want to avail affordable and guaranteed change in your body, Dr. Rajagopal is highly recommended for you. With the help of her professional team and premier cosmetic technological tools, we assure you of satisfying results that will help boost and improve your confidence and personality.

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