The Advantages of Becoming A Licensed Practical Nurse

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When deciding whether to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN), there are some obvious benefits to becoming an LPN. Although an LPN’s regular work schedule may leave you physically tired, it is evident that you will be rewarded monetarily and emotionally.

Patients get primary nursing care from licensed practical nurses, also known as licensed vocational nurses, in certain countries. They are usually under the supervision of a licensed nurse or a physician. They usually work in hospitals, home healthcare facilities, nursing homes, or convalescent homes, assisting patients with daily activities, including dressing, washing, and walking.

Individuals who want to work as an LPN must finish a particular course of study and pass a national test. It is undoubtedly one of your main worries regarding where you envision yourself in the future if you decide to pursue a career as an LPN. In this article, let’s get to know what’s in store for you in the field of being an LPN.

How to Become LPN?

LPNs must first complete a Practical Nursing Diploma program before beginning their employment. These programs are available in technical schools, state schools, and professional colleges and may be completed in as little as 12 months. Upon graduation, you must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) to receive your state license and be authorized to work.

Nurses may get a further certification at the LPN level. You may enroll in Free LPN Training and nurse practitioner colleges.

Certifications show that an LPN or LVN has an excellent level of knowledge in a particular area. LPNs may get certification in various areas, such as IV therapy, developmental disabilities, delivery, and more, to give themselves an edge in the job market or receive specialized training.

Benefits of Becoming LPN

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1. Enter The Workforce Easily

A professional nursing degree may be earned in as little as four years, although it is more common to take longer. While a practical nursing degree may take as little as 12 months to finish, it will prepare you for the LPN career path after passing the National Council Licensure Examination. 

Depending on your chosen route of study, this means you’ll have an additional three years to gain knowledge and experience in your chosen sector. Free LPN Training California and Free LPN Training Georgia are some of the free programs you can attend to.

2. Exciting Employment Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of LPN positions available is projected to increase by 16% through 2024. (BLS). This is more than double the 7 percent average growth rate for all professions.

Some predict that job prospects for LPNs may begin to decline due to programs such as BSN in 10, which requires nurses to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree within ten years after joining the profession. According to the BLS, as the baby boom generation ages, more LPNs will be required in residential care facilities and home health settings for elderly patients.

3. A Work-life Balance

You can meet your desire to pay attention to your family members, particularly your children who work the night shift. An LPN nurse may have a flexible work schedule to combine their obligations at work and home. Working the night shift allows you to care for your children during the day.

Furthermore, you have complete control over the work environment. To find work, you may go to a hospital, a doctor’s office, or a nursing home. Simply stated, a job as an LPN allows you to strike a good work-life balance.

4. Abundant Entry-level Jobs 

In choosing any school path, you should ensure that you will find work in the sector after graduating. The good news for prospective LPNs is that many entry-level jobs are available for individuals with little or no experience.

We examined over 100,000 LPN positions posted in the previous year using real-time job analytic tools. According to the statistics, applicants with 0-2 years of experience could get 84 percent of the jobs. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find your ideal career after receiving your practical nursing diploma and passing the NCLEX.

5. Study While Working

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Your nursing abilities will naturally develop throughout your profession. Your professional objectives will change as well. You have the option of becoming a registered nurse later in life if you so choose.

You may obtain your professional nursing associate degree or attend free CNA courses in as little as 12-18 months. This may be done alongside your LPN employment and helps bridge the gap between the two career options. Several programs are available online or in the evenings and on weekends, allowing you to accommodate courses into your busy schedule.

Finances are typically a strong motivator for individuals to go from LPN to RN throughout their careers. According to the BLS, the median annual income for RNs in 2018 was $71,730, while LPNs earned $46,240. 3 While both are higher than the national average for all professions. The additional $25,000 becomes more attractive after a few years in the sector.

Fortunately, if you decide to pursue a career as an RN, your LPN experience will serve as an excellent platform.

6. A Fun Career

An LPN’s schedule is not repetitious, unlike other professions with a set pattern for workers to follow. Some workers want a constant change in their routine. Because of the urgent needs in a healthcare environment, an RN cannot plan a timetable for LPNs.

As an LPN, you will do regular checks to detect vital signs one day and use your skills and expertise in an emergency scenario the next. Except for evaluating the patient’s health, an LPN may do several duties according to the situation.

Patients and their families appreciate an LPN’s dedication to their care. Being busy all day taking care of random people is more gratifying when someone expresses gratitude for your reasonable efforts. It increases self-esteem to know that what you’re doing has the potential to save the lives of individuals you don’t even know. 

An LPN job allows you to create great connections with strangers who will ultimately become significant parts of your life. As a result, you may always get tremendous pleasure.

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