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Be a Guest writer for Health Fit Advice! 

Health Fit Advice is an advocate of sharing your ideas to the world and opening up your supercomputer mind to share your thoughts and abilities! And because of that, we’re opening our blog to aspiring authors and writers to share their ideas with us and the world!

You are free to pick your own category! You can select between Health, Body and Beauty, Food and Dining, Health Advice, Lifestyle, Tips and Tricks, and anything about life in general!

Guest Writer Requirements:

  • Your article must be well-structured and written coherently with grammatically correct English.
  • Your article must be at least 1000 words minimum.
  • Your article should have a daring, stimulating, and most importantly human tone.
  • Your article must be original, and exclusive for this blog post only (Avoid sending old blog posts).
  • You must add a short description of your post (up to 150 characters).
  • Your submission should include a writer’s bio (240 characters maximum that are quick and insightful on who you are).
  • You must add internal links using Health Fit Advice’s articles (up to 2).
  • You can include a YouTube video as long as it is relevant to the post (include the source).
  • You can add one link to your website with your website’s name. However, affiliate links or codes are not allowed in the submitted content. 
  • You should avoid including images larger than 800 px in width and larger than 100 KB in file size (provide the source of your photo for images under certain licenses).

Infographic and Video Requirements:

  • Your infographics need to be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.
  • Your videos need to be in MP4 format or should be hosted under YouTube.
  • Your infographics and videos must have a descriptive introduction with at least 500 words and a descriptive conclusion with at least 150 words that describes the media content.
    • They must be well-structured, written in coherent and grammatically correct English.
    • They should have a tone (daring, stimulating, and most importantly human).
    • They must be unique, original, and exclusive for this blog post only (Please avoid sending old blog posts).
    • Affiliate links or codes are not allowed in the submitted content.
    • Please add some internal links using Health Fit Advice’s articles (up to 2).
  • Your final drafts should include a writer bio (240 characters maximum)
    • You can include one link to your website and one link to your social media account on your writer’s bio.

An editor will review your submission and will send you a message within a week to let you know if your submitted post is suitable for posting. 

The editor will:

  • Send you feedback and will let you know what to address to have your content published.
  • Send you a message if your post has been posted or declined.

We will not publish your article if it has:

  • Offensive content, spam, pornographic content, promotional content, sales pitches, and press releases.
  • Previously published works.

Guest writer Responsibilities:

  • Like and follow Health Fit Advice’s pages.
  • Share your content on relevant social media platforms.
  • Reply on comments under your post.

Featured post:

For your post to be featured, it should have:

  • Buzz and trending topics
  • Large number of social media shares and interactions
  • High interaction based on the number of sensible comments.

Note: In order to avoid spammers, all comments will be moderated.

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